As the Co-presidents of SOURCE, we welcome you to one of the most unique clubs here at SCI.  Our passion is rare and unique collections, and one of our favorite activities is to visit those collections in person, and meet the people who steward them.  We also like to have those people visit us during our meetings!

We welcome all ideas for future trips and guest speakers – there are so many great places out there, but we can’t know them all.  So let’s hear from you!  Have you been to some great place, and wished you could take a peek behind the scenes?  Let us know, and maybe we can arrange it!

Although we organize activities for SOURCE, we want to encourage all members to make it a group effort to be the best we can be, and add to our school experience!

Looking forward to a great year, and thank you for your support!

- Mary Hussey

Juliette Appold